Some aspects different from those in large cities in Western countries

• Gay people live in any part of the city (there are no predominantly gay quarters or neighborhoods), although they are found in larger concentrations in certain areas (Barrio Norte, Palermo, San Telmo).
• Cruising and entertainment areas are spread throughout a wide area including the historical, political and business center and nearby areas.
• Night shows begin quite late (after 1 a.m.) everyday.
• Although there are red light zones for transvestites who engage in prostitution, there is no such zone for gay sex market, although there is a greater concentration around some gay dance clubs and pubs in Barrio Norte (northern quarter).
• Sex in public restrooms is rare, but approaches are common and the intercourse happens at an albergue transitorio (sex hotel) . There are no glory-holes.

Some differences with tourist areas in third-world countries

• There is no circulation of poor or marginal youths offering themselves as escorts or for sex for a meal, small presents or little money.
• There are no cheap brothels offering teenage or young males for sex.
• The few clandestine male brothels offer men who are tall, muscular, gym-bodied, white skinned, dark-haired or blond over 20 years old. Prices are expensive.