Some codes

• Men informally greet acquaintances with a kiss on the cheek. It applies both to gay and straight men. Even policemen have been seen greeting in this way. There is no street dress code which may distinguish gay from straight men. Both may dress in suits or Bermudas and sandals.

• During the summer it is common to wear as little as possible, even no shirts o barely covered torsos, skintight t-shirts and shorts showing muscles and emphasizing the bulge and butts. This applies to all social sectors and to straight men.

• The main difference between gay and straight men is the look. In general, straight men are reticent to look back when looked at. When stared, even if they are sporting a flamboyant attitude and dressed to show off, they will usually look back in anger, although verbal or physical violence does not occur. Many gay men dare give a good look at other men they suspect to be also gay, turn around and a meeting may occur. Some gay men, shier, scared or prone to guilt, adopt the same attitude straight men have and do not look back at other men or do so only in restricted areas (dance clubs, pubs, bathhouses and gay areas after dusk).

• In gay and gay-friendly places, young men attend show off and be seen, but when directly approached, they answer with indifference or annoyance; they reject almost everybody. They are not after sex for money.