The Neighbourhood

Twenty meters along Defensa Street, you will find Dorrego square, the second oldest in the city, after the Main Square (now Plaza de Mayo). It is famed for the Sunday crafts and antiques fair. The square is surrounded by coffee-shop, wine-bars and restaurants that bring out their tables on the side walk where you can have a meal or a drink. They open in the morning and close at dawn of the following day.

Defensa Street, where our B&B is located, is closed to motor vehicles on Saturdays, Sundays and holidays, from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. so visitors and tourists can stroll leisure and admire the sights.

The street pavement itself has been replaced back with cobblestones to restore the ambiance of the area. The sidewalks are illuminated with replicas of 19th century streetlights.

In this area there are countless shops where you can find works of art, classical furniture, jewelry and antiques.

Nearby you may take a walk, do aerobics or rest under shade of trees in a beautiful park, designed in the 19th century.
And, interspersed among houses of historical value and the market, you will find tango bars and pubs, luxurious restaurants and simple restaurants, where you can enjoy Argentinean and international delicacies.