Some aspects similar to those in large cities in Western countries

• The same legal rules apply to sex and love relationships among same sex persons as to heterosexual relationships.
• Although not banned by law, public display of affection (kisses, caresses, hugs, walking hand-in-hand) are not frequent and are frowned upon. Occasionally there may be social censure and verbal aggressions which may be reported as violence and or discrimination.
• You may make contact with other men in public places (streets, parks, squares, shops). Also, there are usual meeting places, busy and bustling with people.
• You can find dance clubs, bars, pubs and restaurants dedicated to exclusively gay or mixed crowds (gay-straight).
• There also are exclusively gay bathhouses (called saunas), basically for sexual adventurers.
• Porno movie theaters, where sex occur in semipublic areas, can also be found.
• At dusk, sexual intercourse may take place in semipublic areas in open air parks.
• By-The-Hour hotels (albergues transitorios) for sex are under the obligation of accepting same sex couples.